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PEAK LAPLAND on mukana Sustainable Travel Finland polulla ja ohjaamme toimintojamme kohti kestävän matkailun periaatteita.

Peak Lapland - Lapin Huippuhotellit Oy:lle on myönnetty Ekokompassi certicaatti 2022 

Unique sustainable experiences above the ordinary

Sustainability is based on our values even before sustainability became known as a phrase in the travel industry. For us, sustainability means caring for our unique environment, culture, and people. At the same time sustainability is an important leading guideline in our services throughout the whole supply chain. We take our responsibility in earnest.  

Lappish nature is a core of our services 

All locations of Peak Lapland are in Lapland at Levi destination. We have the cleanest air in the world, and we are serving our customers in the arctic region. It is an honor to work here, and we feel a great responsibility in all our work we are committed to do as sustainable choices as possible while serving our customers.  

Responsibility for people and local community 

People are the core of our business. We need to run and develop local culture together with our staff, customers, and local people.   

Equality, responsibility, and a supportive way to lead and work are essential for us. We know that customer satisfaction starts from employee satisfaction and those together will lead to entrepreneur satisfaction and responsible results. We like to take care of our staff, the local community, and our customers.

We have managed to develop our services so that we can offer more and more year-round positions. We also try to recruit local people and in our supply chain management, we are paying more and more attention to local suppliers. Working responsibly and sustainably is value related thing for us and we are increasing our attention to these things. 

Responsibility and sustainability goals and operative implementation is communicated actively with our customers.

Levi 14.10.2022

Jarkko Kuusisto, Owner

Tutustu Levi Sky View


PEAK LAPLAND liiketoiminta monipuolisemmaksi ja ympärivuotiseksi-hanke

Hankeen tarkoituksena on monipuolistaa liiketoimintaa ympärivuotiseksi ja kannattavaksi. Lisäksi korostamme paikallisuutta ja luontoarvoja kaikessa toiminnassamme.